- 500 g - Pure Ceremonial Cacao Finest cacao from Guatemala · or El Salvador (depending on the cacao availability).

100% Craftmade Stone Ground cacao

Artisan made

Perfect for amazing Cacao ceremonies ·

Unsweetened, Vegan, Gluten Free, NON Gmo, Soy lecithin free


€ 26,00Prezzo
  • Our Sacred Ceremonial Cacao is made from Fine Flavor - trinitario - cacao beans sourced from our Farm, located in El Salvador. Our farm is located in an area that once was populated by the Mayan and  still preserve a unique and magical vibration. 

    Our Ceremonial Cacao is unsweetened and entirely natural.  Craftmade following high quality standars and procedures in order to preserver the original cacao aroma and nutrients.


    His taste is bitter, due to the absence of added sugar and is perfect fo your morning meditation or daily rituals and of course for sacred cacao ceremonials.


    This product is perfect, simple at it is, for making Cold or Hot drinking chocolate. 




H E L P 


F O L L O W  U S

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